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Founded in 2020

2022 App Release

3D printed collectibles

creating a new kind of fandom






Fansea opens the door into the Metaverse for fans of all generations by creating the most authentic digital fan experience in the web3 world. Our goal is to strengthen the connection and engagement between fans and their idols – this can be a club, an athlete, an entertainment star, a historic artifact or basically any real-life item that has a story to tell.

We are helping fans explore a new kind of fandom. One in which they get a chance to co-own, and at times, co-create with their favorite brands whilst enjoying lifelong utilities and standing in the front row.
It is all about the interaction between clubs, associations or athletes and their fans or community.

Fansea creates a bridge between digital and real worlds. Our NFTs are digital memories for all generations of fans. With these unique, emotional collectibles we make all fan hearts beat faster.

Building bridges between fans and stars using the blockchain technology.

We rely on tamper-proof and transparent blockchain technology. Contemporary, sustainable and safe.

Authentic clones of iconic objects can now be transported - for the fans - from the analog into the virtual world. With the possibility to 3D print these collectibles it can also go the other way - from a virtual into physical one.

The Fansea app is an NFT platform for unique 3D Collectibles with planned application in e-gaming and the metaverse. The goal of our platform is to provide emotional and fan-centric products that are easily accessible.

By using the Polygon blockchain, an Ethereum layer 2 solution, we cut the energy consumption by 99.95 %. This means that we are bringing the energy consumption of the transaction close to zero. Additionally there are no fees for our users.

We are an international sports tech startup based in Frankfurt, Porto and Vienna and see ourselves as an innovative technology partner for professional sports.

You are enthusiastic about web3 technology and want to bring fans worldwide together with their idols? You have an affinity and basic understanding of NFTs and blockchain technologies? As well as passion for sports? 

Then we would love to welcome you to our young and dynamic team.

Just send a mail to [email protected]