Selección Argentina - WORLD CUP

Your Original digitalised match worn Jersey!

» It was Messi's first goal in the legendary world cup. This is the exact jersey he wore against Saudi Arabia before lifting the World Cup trophy later on.

» There are only 2022 digital copies of this limited original!

» High 3D quality. High zoom rate. Made for eternity. On your Smartphone.

» This and many more 3D Collectibles are part of the licensed and official AFA Collection.

» Collect all the match worn digital jerseys of the group stage to get your Bonus Collectible from Messi.


Let's answer all your questions.


What are digital match worn jerseys?
Digital match worn jerseys (also known as digital collectibles/ 3D Collectibles) are unique digital objects and unforgeable collector‘s items. The ownership of these limited-edition collectibles is acquired using blockchain technology – a special form of database.

What are Mystery Boxes?
A Mystery Box contains an item, that is match worn or used by one of your stars. The Mystery Box will transform into a 3D Collectible at a specific time once we have received and scanned the one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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You have several options to find the right digitised Collectible for you and get more detailed information on real life hero items you like. Explore, choose and enjoy your digital Collectibles from Fansea.

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What are albums and collections?
If you buy a whole collection or an album, you get additional goodies, such as an extra 3D Collectible as a "Bonus Collectible". To make collecting more fun on we developed a new function for you. An interactive album to collect and get more information on your 3D Collectibles you have in your wallet.

What are rarities?
There are three ascending rarities on Common, Epic and Legendary. The rarer an item is, the fewer they are, the higher the rarity. Got it? If not: let's discuss it in our discord community!

What are utilities?
Utilities are attached to the purchase of your 3D Collectible. In this case: You own a high quality 3D Collectible with an amazing zoom rate which is always available in the pocket of your smartphone. A piece of history immortalized.

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